The name of the project:  Implementation of high-speed and multiplane balancing of industrial rotors
Project is co-financed from EFRD (European Fund for Regional Development) and government funds.
The period of implementation of the project: September 2012 –  September 2014
The total value of the project reached:
EU funding in the form of technological bonus:

As part of the investment, Neo-Tec ltd implemented the process of providing services in terms of both high-speed and multiplane balancing of industrial rotors, turbines and pumps that enable measurement and correction within distribution of mass in more than five planes.

Implementation of the technologies, mentioned above would be possible thanks to making use of available technical potential, enriched with both purchased and manufactured machines and materials in terms of the project.
Key objectives of the implemented project is to bring dynamic state of machine rotors to an acceptable level for safe operational needs as well as in compliance with API and ISO norms.