About us

The company NEO-TEC that is located in Płock was established on 27th December 2000 as a Civil Law Partnership. On 27th July 2007 the company was transformed into a Limited Liability Company, whereas on 18th September 2007 the company gained entry in The Register of Entrepreneurs that is run by District Court in Warsaw, XIV Commercial Division of the National Court Register, KRS number: 0000288065.


The principal business activities of the company include:

  • Professional engineering services in the field of critical fluid-flow machineries for chemical, refining and energy industry.
  • Production of dedicated parts for compressors, turbines and pumps including centrifugal impellers , blades for all types of steam turbines, shafts, casings, parts of stators.
  • Complex modernizations of the following machines (revamp, retrofit), including the delivery of complete rotors for centrifugal compressors, turbines and pumps.
  • Consulting services and diagnostic testing of  fluid-flow machineries.


We have 15 years of experience in engineering fluid-flow machineries. We  successfully accomplished over 150 projects both in Poland and in Europe.  We own a production workshop that is based on modern machinery park and measuring laboratory for complex reverse engineering of a component.

We have a quality management certificate ISO 9001:2015 and an occupational health and safety management certificate OHSAS 18001:2007

Machining and measuring capabilities

To provide the best possible quality of our products we only use the most modern CNC machining centres that are supported by precision measuring systems and tools designed for reverse engineering. All the modernisations as well as reliable workmanship are performed with the use of the most modern technologies such as BLISK, electron beam welding or vacuum brazing with the use of noble metals. See more details on machining and measuring capabilities below. We would also like to encourage you to familiarize with our offer.

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Our machinery park

  • Measuring laboratory

    Measuring laboratory

    We possess well-equipped measurement facilities for reverse engineering .Apart from traditional tools, we are also equipped with state-of art optical metrology systems (non-contact measurement of geometrical dimensions), measuring microscope, coordinate measuring machines (measurement accuracy – 1.7um) We also possess stress testing machine for materials  physical properties checks. We are able to prepare reconstructive documentation of any elements  at the request of the customer without insight into original drawings. We encourage you to familiarize with our offer.

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  • Machining capacities

    Machining capacities

    To provide our clients with high quality of our products we use modern CNC machining centres supported by precise measuring systems as well as tools for reverse engineering. Manufactured components are made with the use of the most modern technologies such as BLISK, electron beam welding or vacuum brazing with the use of noble metals. Please find some information below. We encourage you to familiarize with our offer.

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  • Wyważarka wysokoobrotowa

    Wyważarka wysokoobrotowa

    Jakość wyważania wysokoobrotowego kół wirnikowych i rotora rzutuje bezpośrednio na bezpieczeństwo i niezawodność w trakcie eksploatacji w maszynie. Będąc świadomym tego faktu w 2014 roku uruchomiliśmy własne stanowisko do wyważania nisko i wysokoobrotowego i dostarczamy klientom nową jakość w tej dziedzinie. Jako jedna z nielicznych firm oferujemy komercyjnie wielopłaszczyznowe wyważanie wysokoobrotowe i testy nadobrotów do 20 000 rpm, przy użyciu metody współczynników wpływu.

    Poniżej możecie Państwo znaleźć certyfikaty kalibracji wyważarki nisko (LSB) i wysokoobrotowej (HSB)




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