The name of the project: Development of advanced braking systems
The project is co-financed from EFRD (European Fund for Regional Development) and government funds.
The period of implementation of the project: April 2012 – September 2015
The total value of the project reached:
The participation of the European Union:

The project implementation was to develop a very advanced project in terms of materials and design solutions of braking systems,  structures testing and its optimisation. We developed a new technology that may be introduced to the serial production.  The project was to develop a new concept of the whole structure with emphasis on brake claws, their inventive structure as well as special layout for the housing of the device.

The most innovative feature of the newly developed systems was an appropriate choice of material as well as technologies allowing reducing weight and at the same time increasing stiffness. As a result,  an increase in the effectiveness and performance of these systems is expected. In addition, passive safety in motor vehicles was also improved.  The above presumptions were reached thanks to conducting research works in order to choose the best available materials as well as the materials joining technology, conducting research to check the influence of the structure on increasing stiffness and reducing deformation under the influence of heat as well as acting forces in the machine. On the basis of conducted researches, both materials and technologies were adjusted so that prototypes of braking system could be made. The prototypes were subjected to a number of trials and tests for the purpose of optimizing their structures The final stage of the research and development (R&D) work is to develop a prototype of the structure that thanks to implementation works will allow to start a mass production facility for braking systems.