Engineering services

Engineering services

We offer a wide range of professional engineering services – stress analysis, dynamic and aerodynamic calculations for fluid-flow machines as well as their components.  Reverse engineering and  precise measurements of components with the use of the most modern measuring machines.

Reverse engineering

  • Reconstruction of any detail and its documentation on the basis of any original product provided by the client.
  • Modern and precise measuring systems (accuracy – from 0.01 to 0.0019 mm)
  • Measuring apparatus (TRITOP) – mobile Coordinates Measuring Machine CMM
  • Optical scanner (ATOS)
  • Stationary CMM Mitutoyo CRYSTA – APEX C

Measurements with the use of optical and touch-probe devices

  • Precise measurements with the use of the most modern CMMs as well as with optical and touch-probe scanners
  • Measuring of any element with differentiated geometry and dimension
  • The possibility of performing on-site measurements.
  • Any format of measurement results: single dimensions, a set of dimensions, digital format (STP, TXT, DWG, DXF ), complete CAD module (IGES, ProE)

Modelling and preparing documentation

  • Designing, 3D modelling and preparing design documentation of elements
  • Engineering software: AutoCAD and Creo with FEA modules (Finite Element Analysis)
  • Updating documentation of elements or converting it into digital version.

Stress analysis of elements

  • Stress and dynamic calculations conducted with the use of FEM
  • Calculations based on Creo Simulations modules
  • Analysis of results provides very crucial guidelines for further designing procedures

Dynamic calculations

  • Dynamic calculations for blade packages, impellers as well as complete rotors
  • Determining critical vibration frequencies and permissible operating speed levels
  • Determining dynamic characteristics when designing a new product reveals the area of unstable dynamic performance and provides valuable design guidelines, which are essential while introducing changes in the geometry, materials application or changes in blade number or axial separation of elements.
  • Cooperation with Lodz University of Technology, Institute of  Turbomachinery

Thermodynamic calculations

  • Thermodynamic calculations of impellers, rotating and stationary blades as well as inlet nozzles in turbines
  • The  re-engineering of the flow channel with the aim of increasing the performance
  • Designing new installations
  • 2D flow modelling packages (Axial)  and 3D flow modelling packages (AxCent) by Concept NREC

Machinery testing

  • Start-up supervision of compressors and power-generating units
  • Dynamic tests
  • Machinery on-site tests