High-Speed Balancing Stand

High-Speed Balancing Stand

The quality of balancing of high-speed impellers and rotors has a direct influence on safety and reliability during the exploitation process of machines Being aware of that fact, in 2014 we introduced our own machine used for both low and high speed balancing. Thanks to this we are able to provide our clients with the highest standards in this field.  As one of the few companies in the market, we offer multiplane high-speed balancing commercially as well as over speed testing up to 20 000 rpm with the use of coefficient influence method.

Please find below the calibration certificates of the HSB and LSB stands




Balancing parameters:

The dimension of rotors:

  • Maximum Internal diameter fi 1318, 4000 mm long
  • Maximum mass of rotors- 3000 kg
  • Maximum bearing span- 3350 mm
  • Maximum bearing diameter – fi 230mm
  • Vacuum environment – up to 1mbar
  • Balancing and over speed tests up to 20 000 rpm
  • Dedicated software to perform low-speed and high speed balancing tests
  • The possibility of multiplane balancing with the use of coefficient influence method.
  • Relative and absolute vibrations measurements.
  • Procedures fulfilling the requirements of ISO and API.

To meet our Customers expectations and considering the company development we have launched a new investment; A completely new High Speed Balancing facility will be located in newly built workshop enabling balancing of massive rotors of the following  sizes:

  • maximum outside diameter : phi 2500mm,
  • maximum rotor lenght: 7000mm,
  • maximum rotor weight: 12 500kg,
  • maximum bearing span: 5000mm,
  • maximum bearing diamter: phi 500mm,
  • maximum RPM 12 000